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DIPLOMA in Design

The role of a designer, who is able to determine the look, style and functionality of products, is of primary importance in today’s world. Designers are increasingly being given the task of solving complex problems ranging from studying products and manufacturing processes, to developing efficient strategies to identify niches in the market which might interest a company’s resources and image.

Unlike the early sixties, when it was still possible to rely on one’s personal insight and inspiration, nowadays a designer has to have a more structured and experienced professional approach.

The program offers training in the wide-ranging themes of design culture and the professional fields of product, interior and exhibition design. It aims to provide the essential technical and methodological tools (ergonomics, modeling, design, cad), which enable students to build an informed response to the evolving needs of the professional world and capably take up positions in companies and studios, supporting the design and production of objects, spaces and interiors.

BACHELOR OF ARTS in Fashion and Textile Design

DIPLOMA in Fashion and Textile Design

The demands of an industry such as fashion are so complex and far-reaching that its evolution and development do not and can no longer depend on spontaneous intuition or genial improvisation. Today’s market requires creativity, competence, seriousness, sensitivity and culture. The three-year program in Fashion and Textile Design offers a complete university level training program in the field through the development of technical design skills and artistic cultural sensitivity.

The program deals with all aspects of the textile-clothing “system”: from a deep knowledge of materials to applied creativity in textile design; from style creation and modeling techniques, to the design of a collection and the accessories.

The professional profile of this figure is that of a stylist and creative director who can work in fashion house design offices (prêt-a-porter, high fashion), showrooms, textiles-clothing production companies, sartorial studios, design and production studios.


Design DIPLOMA in Theatre Design

Theatre Design, which originated as a branch of architecture, has slowly evolved into an independent discipline which today continues to change and extends to various areas of design. Design, decoration, technical stage design, costumes, lighting are all arts which do not have easily definable limits: everything needed to stage a play, a film, a television show, a fashion show, an exhibition, a party, a concert and much more, can be defined as theatre design.

The program aims to train a professional figure that works alongside the director, costume designer, light designer and craftspeople that create an artistic product.

The program focuses on training the student for work that involves conceptual and creative preparation, but also demands practical sensibility and crafting ability. The combination of cultural historical studies and practical work is enriched by the possibility to gain real experience in the field. This can only be possible in a city like Milan, which boasts two of the most famous theatres in the world: La Scala and the Piccolo Teatro.

BACHELOR OF ARTS in Graphic Design and Art Direction

DIPLOMA in Graphic Design and Art Direction

In an era of hyper-communication, it is necessary to be able to rediscover and cultivate the capacity for simple and original communication. The course values creativity in its essence: the development of taste and critical skills, the objectivity of those who understand technology without being dominated by it. The program trains undergraduates for positions in the graphic design and advertising sectors (graphic designer, art director, multimedia director, web designer).

The approach to communication is global: alongside marketing, theory of mass media and communication, there are courses on visual culture and contemporary arts which enable students to develop their aesthetic sensibility and their cultural approach to design.

Students learn free hand techniques and method and computer aided representation, and create communicative solutions for graphic design projects, advertising and digital animation.

The program offers an alternative to university courses in this field as it focuses on the development of technical design skills and a cultural-critical approach.

BACHELOR OF ARTS in Media Design

DIPLOMA in Media Design

The program trains professional figures for the performing arts and the film sectors (writers, audiovisual directors, creators and developers of animations, screenplays, characters and digital visual effects for cinema, television and the performing arts).

The designer responsible for Media Design is given solid theoretical bases that function as a matrix to delineate professional skills towards the electronic arts (video, multimedia, 3D modeling and animation) and in the production and post-production cinema and television sectors.

In the Materials, Tools and Technologies course, directors of photography work alongside editors, film directors and experts in the field of TV and cinema production.

Students also acquire the most up-to-date post-production techniques, from editing to the digital elaboration of images. The availability of professional machines enables students to develop the technical skills necessary to find their way into the job market.

Students can learn the techniques of digital animation, which is currently findingvarious applications: in the integration of animation and the more traditional media (for example television) or in the video game sector.


DIPLOMA in Visual Arts

The educational philosophy of these programs in Visual Arts aims to identify the transformations taking place in contemporary artistic practice, abandon traditional artistic boundaries of the fine arts, to acquire a new attitude towards artistic application, interacting with various aspects of society and production. The program intends to adopt an “all encompassing approach” by associating the more traditional knowhow with the most advanced technology, everyday folklore with the electronic image, and free expression in the project methodology.

The program provides training in a wide range of artistic techniques, allowing for individual experimentation and the reconsideration of a traditional academic approach. Students are encouraged to investigate the relationship between art and design. The program retains the central role of painting and proposes numerous technical and disciplinary approaches that extend to sculpture, videoart, photography and cinema. Special emphasis is set on the social dimension of the visual arts.

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