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The Politecnico di Milano is one of the leading Science and Technology Universities in Europe, producing engineers, architects and industrial designers through a variety of innovative specializing courses, with great attention being devoted to all sides of education.
First established in 1863 in Milan, in the heart of productive Italy, with more than 38,000 students enrolled it is the largest school of engineering and architecture in the Country.

Its graduates include Giovanni Battista Pirelli (the founder of the rubber manufacturing company), Enrico Forlanini (inventor of helicopter and hydroplane) prominent architects and designers such as Renzo Piano and Achille Castiglioni and the writer Carlo Emilio Gadda. Giulio Natta, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963 for having invented the polypropylene, was among its eminent professors.
Studying at the Politecnico di Milano di Milano also means experiencing an academic environment that devotes great attention to research, from conceiving innovations at the edge of knowledge, to prototype applications, from technology transfer to patenting. This is particularly true for the educational program of the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) a school of young talents wishing to develop their interdisciplinary capabilities for leading and promoting innovation.
The Politecnico di Milano, historically involved in a wide network of research and education activities in collaboration with the most important international universities, has reinforced in the last years an intense internationalization activity, with the objective of increasing the number of talented foreign students in Italy.
Coherently with the European education system, Politecnico di Milano offers three main academic levels:
  * B.Sc. - Bachelor of Science (“Laurea”):
a 3-year first degree providing general scientific contents and methods as well as specific professional skills
* M.Sc. - Master of Science (“Laurea Specialistica”):
a 2-year higher degree providing high qualification in specific fields
* Ph.D. - Doctoral Program (“Dottorato di Ricerca”):
3-year of training and research activity, following the Master of Science
On the whole, there are 31 Bachelors of Science, 32 Masters of Science, and 30 Doctoral Programs.
On top of the full common educational offer, in order to attract foreign students Politecnico di Milano is mainly focusing its attention on some of its programs, which include the possibility of courses in English. In addition, there is the availability of sponsorships and financial supports for about 200 talented foreign students every year.
In particular, the attention is focused on Masters of Science (2–year degree entirely taught in English) designed for international students in the field of Engineering and Architecture:

Master of Science in Architecture
24 months, Milano Campus, October intake

The education of the Student is rooted on the different grounds of Architecture. The M.Sc. course focuses on the study of history of architecture, representation tools and forms, as well as on theoretical, scientific and methodological aspects of comprehending, interpreting, and describing spatial organization in different scales projects for buildings, cities, regions. A consistent amount of time is dedicated to the development of projects within workshops and courses integrating different aspects of design. The course of studies promotes a critical attitude and encourages to experiment and dynamically develop new skills and new applications to face the complexity of current architectural perspectives. Several orientations of the study plan support and enhance the curricular development of students. A detailed presentation of the study course will be available starting from February 2006. Qualified internships and stages held in institutional agencies and in professional offices may be offered.
The School has a rich library, and the Architecture and Planning Department has a library specialized in Planning.
All courses will be held in English.
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Master of Science in Engineering of Computing Systems
24 months, Milano Campus, October intake

This post-graduate programme aims at forming engineers endowed with a rich cultural basis and able to develop and exploit the methods and tools of computer science with engineering attitude, to tackle a wide spectrum of applications. This engineer is in the first place a designer of applications and systems; the Degree programme develops the ability to design and implement hardware and software systems, which find application in the area of industry and services, either private or public. Together with a wide number of computer science courses, the programme offers advanced courses in the fields of automation and other disciplines in the area of information engineering, and in other fields of engineering to which computer science can be beneficial. These courses will also allow the student to develop a strong cultural basis through the acquisition of methodologies that are typical of other fields of engineering.
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Master of Science in Materials Engineering
24 months, Milano Campus, October intake

Industrial environments characterised by innovative and advanced technologies invest substantial human and economic resources in the identification of specific systems of materials for particular applications. There is a need for professionals with solid ground knowledge of material structure and properties, but with engineering skills, to imagine how such materials could be produced, monitor their behaviour through working life, and plan for their recycling. The programme is aimed at providing that knowledge and skill. This Master of Science programme is intended for graduates holding a Bachelor of Science in technological subjects, and in particular with a good grasp of the fundamentals of materials, and for those who have attended a three-year degree course in Engineering, dealing with material properties and behaviour.
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Master of Science in Computer Engineering
24 months, Como and Lecco Campuses, October intake

The Master of Science in Computer Engineering at the Como Campus offers a particularly innovative teaching program, that combines the study of IT subjects typical of a “classical” degree in Computer Engineering with new topics, such as the convergence of telecommunications, software systems, and multimedia devices, image, audio and video processing, and the fundamentals of communication science. The course consists of two options, which are unique in Italy: Communication and Sound Engineering and Design.
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Master of Science in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
24 months, Como and Lecco Campuses, October intake

The aim of this Master of Science degree (Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale) is to create a professional figure – the engineer in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering – enabling the student to explore his/her interests in depth by means of teaching ex cathedra and workshops, developing problem-solving skills within the framework of complex plans. It is intended not only for students who attended the 3-year degree course in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering but also for graduates with a Bachelor of Science in technological subjects or a Bachelor in economics studies. In this context, the curriculum of Politecnico di Milano - Como Campus offers a wide range of subjects relating to the engineering problems in business management in turbulent times and in global situations, in particular in the Marketing area. All the subjects are taught in English.
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Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
24 months, Como and Lecco Campuses, October intake

The Politecnico di Milano has been one of the pioneering Universities in developing a programme of Environmental Engineering in its wide sense.
This means not to be restricted only to cleaning up the environment, after it has been polluted, but rather to survey and monitor it, in order to derive the data necessary to describe its evolution by deterministic and stochastic models, to predict and mitigate natural and man-originated hazards, to produce a compatible social development respectful of environmental equilibria. In this sense the disciplines of Environmental Engineering bridge those of classical civil engineering with geomatics, computer engineering and system theory.
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Master of Science in Building Engineering
24 months, Como and Lecco Campuses, October intake

The International Master of Science Course in Building Engineering is offered by the School of “Building Engineering and Architecture” of the Politecnico di Milano. It is totally taught in English for each of the two years, with the possibility, during the second year, to follow optional courses in Italian.
The general educational aims, which are shared both by the national and the international context, given the worldwide presence of the building sector, are to train a professional engineer for the job market, who shall be able, thanks to his interdisciplinary education, to identify problems and seek suitable designing solutions, at pace with the innovative dynamics of the sector, in order to improve building quality in its physical, technical, performance, procedural and economic values.
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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
24 months, Como and Lecco Campuses, October intake

The Master of Science Degree (referred to in Italy as “Laurea Specialistica/Magistrale”) in Mechanical Engineering, offered by the Politecnico di Milano at the Lecco campus, aims to educate engineers active in the following main fields: Product innovation projects, Technological and process innovation, Materials and related working techniques, System configuration, also in relation to company quality systems.
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